Ceilo Trading is engaged in the global trading of crude and refined petroleum products. We negotiates long-term and spot contracts for qualified buyers and sellers in oil, gas, and distillates by working directly with suppliers and end-users. We also import and transport within suppliers and buyers in the Middle East and West Africa. We can deliver oil, gas, distillates, and blended and refined product to any safe world port.

We specialise in sourcing oil & gas from West Africa and United Arab Emirate. We perform high level industry tier level consulting and conduct service oriented business with combined experience. Our primary business is related to the Oil Industry – carrying out industrial trading combined with importation and transportation services for the oil and gas, petrochemical and energy industries.
Cielo Trading prides itself in establishing relations with suppliers. We ensure our service to customers is on a highly professional and efficient manner. ith our experience and expertise, we can guarantee that all our customers are well regarded with high quality, safety, reliability and operational criteria. We understand all clients have production goals to meet and value their time. Our company expedites processing orders for all materials and labour seamlessly, making sure the client’s need is met to their fullest satisfaction.