Ceilo Trading is involved in international property development. Our expertise and development success covers areas such as West Africa, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. We offer our clients excellent and innovative properties investments opportunities. We pride ourselves with a vast portfolio of impressive prime locations ranging from corporate districts to residential districts. Below are some highlights on our portfolio coverage areas:

Properties investment is a popular form of achieving good capital gains and income. Investors worldwide are increasingly diversifying their investment portfolios overseas and gaining higher returns. Property investments in UAE, UK and West Africa is attracting much interest from investors.

Property type’s available are apartments, villas and penthouses in some of the most scenic locations. This investment properties in usually come with first class communal facilities. It is available both residential and commercial. When buying properties you can expect 8-10% excellent returns on investment.

The real estate investment market in our portfolio area has grown faster than any other real estate investment market in the world. On the market right now there are literally thousands of properties available for sale. Sorting through all of the listings can be a difficult task for a novice to real estate investing and the choosing stage of the process is the most difficult as the buying process is short. That is where our expertise lies in assisting you source and manage your buying process to take away the daunting task.